Brackets For Good diligently follows each of the following steps to determine what nonprofits are selected to participate in our annual fundraising tournaments across the country.



First, all nonprofit organizations must register with Brackets For Good, which takes no more than 2 minutes and is only necessary once.



Once registered, Brackets For Good validates every registered nonprofit status with the IRS and If we are able to confirm 501(c)3 status the nonprofit registration is complete and we move onto the next step. If not, we notify the organization via email that they will not be considered as ‘registered’ until we can confirm their 501(c)3 status is in good standing.


If Brackets For Good is the nonprofit playoffs, then we need a regular season to decide who participates. We’ve developed a comprehensive survey to act as that regular season.

In early November every registered nonprofit is emailed the Regular Season Survey, which must be completed before the included deadline in order to be considered for participation.

The purpose of the regular season survey is to evaluate registered nonprofits’ marketing prowess, fundraising capacity, fan club size and strength, and awareness. Each year, these elements will be assessed to determine participation and seeding in the Brackets For Good tournament.

In order to equalize competition, participating nonprofits are grouped into one of four divisions based on resources at their disposal that elicit related fundraising outcomes. We call it your ‘BFG Division Score’.

After being grouped into a division with like-resourced nonprofits, we then examine the potential of returned fundraising outcomes associated with participation in Brackets For Good. We call it your ‘BFG Rank Score’.

These BFG Division and Rank Scores are dependent on organizations that complete the Regular Season Survey each year. So, just because you’re in Division 1 one year does not mean you’ll be in Division 1 the next.

Finally, with-in each of the four Brackets For Good Divisions of nonprofits the 16 with the highest BFG Rank Score are selected to participate in the tournament.

The goal with this survey is to help you benchmark your organization, assist in the development of tools to improve capacity, and help aid nonprofit research.


The entire Brackets For Good team reviews, scores, and discusses all submitted regular season surveys and meets to perform our own bracketology. We also rely on input from nonprofit leaders, advisers, and influencers to select the 64 participating nonprofits for the tournament that year. Every year is a new opportunity to be selected for the Brackets For Good tournament.

Selections are announced mid-December for the upcoming March tournament so participating and non-participating nonprofits can prepare accordingly. Further, we make our assessments available to nonprofits interested in additional details.


Don’t hesitate for a second to contact us with any questions you have.


"At IUPUI SPEA we say our students Major in Making a Difference and helping Brackets For Good develop their Regular Season Survey has given us an opportunity to do just that. This survey is􏰀 a systematic assessment tool that will provide BFG with a baseline of strengths and shortcomings of local non-profits. This is used in the development of the local non-profit bracket, but it may also be used to develop training seminars, to improve nonprofit capacity,􏰀 to connect skilled volunteers to nonprofits in-need, and even push􏰀non-profit􏰀academic research further. The non-profit fundraising bracket idea is about as innovative as they get, they have taken gamified giving to a whole􏰀new level."

Cali Curley, PhD

School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis